Twitching Hour

So, the Witching Hour event kicked off last night on Ostermark.  I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, it brought more people to the RvR lake (I spent my evening in Blackfire Pass).  On the other hand, there was a lot of sitting around and doing absolutely nothing for hours.  Multiple hours.  People wandered around like lost sheep and generally got picked off by Destruction, who were out in even greater numbers than we were (some people insist that the majority of Order has moved on to tier 4 content, but I don’t know the actual numbers).  As the evening drew on, Destruction slowly ground us down and people left the zone.  However, they kept asking on the “orderrvr” channel whether the PQ had started or not.  When it finally did start up, Destruction rolled the scattered Order forces easily, getting the requisite number of kills and winning the PQ before the people who left the RvR lake could return.  Good for Destruction – they obviously wanted it more than Order did, they persisted, and they deserved to win.

I was getting ready to log out, as it was getting near midnight, when the PQ started almost immediately once more.  This time, most of the Destruction players had left the RvR lake, and Order repeatedly rolled the remaining understrength warband, winning the PQ.  The Great Unclean One was a nasty customer, but we put it down.  I won a lesser loot bag, but was unable to claim it – more Destruction showed up and decided to camp the chest, which was pretty lame because the chest has a truly miniscule despawn timer – but all’s fair I suppose.  I can now feel free to return the favor to them without guilt.  Anyway, I got a nice mask from the corpse of one of the Destruction players and a purple hammer from a chapter 14 PQ, so all is well in Lootsville.

So, what are my opinions on PQs in RvR lakes in light of last night?  On the good side, it brought a lot of people to the RvR area when the PQ was active.  On the bad side, we sat around for three hours.  That’s absurd.  It’s poor execution of a decent idea.  The fact that I missed out on loot the second time around doesn’t bug me too much – a green drop is nothing incredible to me, especially when I am going to be leveling out of tier 3 in a few weeks.  So, RvR PQs aren’t a bad idea, but Mythic needs to revisit the mechanics a little bit.


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