The Dwarfinator – Rise of the Machines

So, what sold me on playing an engineer?  It was probably the fact that one of my offline friends and myself duo’d the entire dwarf/greenskin tier 1 area.  Granted, there are no keeps in tier 1, and the toughest NPCs you’ll run into are champions, but we still found our combination of careers(swordmaster and engineer) to be superb.  Of course, you don’t get much in the way of mastery abilities in the tier 1 levels, so Koljarn the engineer was pretty generic.  So, there was a choice to be made.

Rifleman seemed to plain to me.  Shoot stuff until it dies.  It’s a good enough option, but I wanted something else.    Tinkerer has a beer-based heal.  Oh, the lure of beer… but grenadier has explosions.  And fire.  And airstrikes and artillery.  Yeah, I knew pretty quickly which route I was going to take.

I don’t regret going with grenadier.  It’s not the most potent skillset on the battlefield, but it does make a difference in sieges.  And here’s the key point for me: it’s fun.  I love dropping explosives on people from a great height, then ducking behind cover and waiting for the “boom.”  Sure, there are some abilities that are disappointing so far (i.e. Strafing Run), but as a whole, grenadier is decent in PvE and RvR.  And who can really ask for more than that?


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