Now to gripe and to brag about my server and guild status.

Ostermark was my first choice of servers.  By the time I got home from work on the first day of CE head start, Pheonix Throne  was full with a queue to get in, while Ostermark’s population was listed at medium on both sides.  It’s pretty much stayed that way, too.  The numbers are about equal on each side, but the population is a little low for doing PQs, and getting open RvR up and running can take a little doing.  As long as the poluation doesn’t go down, Ostermark will be in good shape for the forseeable future.

The type of people I’ve run into on Ostermark have been relatively mature and level-headed.  I like this – nothing is worse than people standing around and complaining instead of doing something.  If something isn’t working, then find another way to do it, or do something else.  Obstacles are there to be overcome or avoided.  I’ve had my fill of negativity in other games, and I’m glad that it’s kept to a minimum on Ostermark.

The RvR picture on Ostermark is like the weather.  If you don’t like it, wait a little while and it will change.  I’m still in tier 3, but objectives and keeps change hands fairly regularly.   Both sides feature active participants.  I’m not a scenario person, and I tend to avoid scenarios, but I know several people who have levelled up almost exclusively by playing them.


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