Guilds. Or lack thereof.

I seem to have a problem with finding stable guilds.

This isn’t a new problem, it’s happened in just about every other game I’ve played.  Typically, I find a guild, do a little research on them, join them if I like them, and then the guild either falls apart, or evolves into a completely different sort of guild (usually one that I don’t like).  This cycle repeats itself two or three times in each game that I play before I find a group of emotionally stable people whose company I enjoy.

Sometimes a guild dissolves due to lack of people.  Sometimes a guild changes leadership styles.  Sometimes a guild changes its focus.  Any way you look at it, things change and you need to be ready to move on for the sake of your own enjoyment (and sanity).

So, how does this tie in to Warhammer Online?  Well, here’s the way the guild game has played out so far.  Before I even got into beta, I was looking for a guild.  I found a good group of older gamers (older meaning college age and beyond).  They were a great bunch of people, and I was looking for ward to playing alongside of them, but real life intervened.  The leaders of the guild had to discard the whole idea of even playing the game, let alone leading a guild.  As the nascent guild had only about ten people in it and they weren’t even playing the game yet, it quickly dissolved.  My second Warhammer guild showed some promise also, but the population dropped off from about 15 at the peak, two a total of two online at any one time.  Time to move on, I guess.

So, third time is hopefully going to be a charm.  I’m looking into two of the guilds that I find myself fighting alongside in RvR.  I’m taking it slowly (again) and I’ll make my decision in about a week.  In the meantime, I’m keeping my options open.  We’ll see how things play out this time.

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