So, a warrior priest, and ironbreaker, and an engineer walk into a bar.

I’m not as young as I used to be.  That’s another way of saying that I forget things.  Little things.  So, when I try to post about “how it all began”” for Koljarn, understand that I’m not a young ‘un any more.  The details sometimes slip through the cracks in my fractured mind.

I got into the last month of beta, and knew that Warhammer Online had promise.  Having played more than my fair share of MMORPGs, I have a pretty good handle on what I do and do not enjoy.  Generally, I find mindlessly beating the stuffing out of some virtual foe to be therapeutic, but I’ll settle for a support role, so long as I can contribute.  So, I started out playing a warrior priest throughout my short allotment of beta time, and at head start.

As the new RP server at the time of CE head start was Ostermark, I chose that server.  No queue times were and are a good thing.  And I enjoyed playing my warrior priest – if he couldn’t really contribute in melee, then he could always hang back and heal.  The problem that I ran into was the fact that of other people liked playing their warrior priests as well.  When the warrior priest was just about battle rank 20, and ended up in a warband that was fully 50% warrior priests, then I knew I had to try something else for the sake of my sanity (warbands composed of 50% warrior priests cannot do much in a siege situation).

I’ve tried ironbreakers, shadow warriors, witch hunters, engineers, and others.  I still keep lots of alts around – the classes are mostly fun to play, and it’s nice to have an alt or ten around so you can have options open for whatever mood strikes you.  When defending a keep, however, I made my choice to stick with an engineer as my main character.  The carnage that I witnessed an engineer dish out was impressive.  Yes, he didn’t kill the enemy force on his own.  Heck, I don’t know if he dealt a single deathblow.  He did, however, tax the attacking Destruction warband to the limits of their healing capability, and then the few other defenders used that leverage to break the siege.  Multiple times, as the Destruction warband was determined to take Mandred’s Hold regardless of the opposition, and they kept coming back for more.  My career choice was clear, but that was just the beginning.


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